If you don’t stand up for yourself, nobody will!

Same principle holds true in the world of social media.

I wrote a post yesterday about Hubspot, the latest phenom in the marketing world that helps marketers better manage their lead generation/lead nurturing marketing efforts.

One of the attractive things about Hubspot is that it is an effective tool at helping you more easily organize and analyze the effectiveness of your outbound digital assets.

What I really like about Hubspot (in addition to all of this) is that it makes active what is inherently a very passive platform:  social media.

All the rage, but all for nothing as far as I’m concerned if you do nothing with it.  If you post and let it sit, who is going to care if they can’t find you…or you don’t let them know you’re out there.

And there are other things about social that are critical to success, like the use of keywords, the consistent creation of content, the need to make content of value to your prospects – all elements that need to be considered if your programs are going to work.  Absent of these considerations and your efforts will be wasted.

I’m a big believer in social media and content development.  Do it a lot and do it with a consistent eye on making sure that the information I’m providing has value to my readers.  Nobody cares what I did last weekend or about the party we threw at the office to celebrate the end of summer.  What they do care about is how they can make their relationships with their agencies better.

Think about your audience.  What do they really want to hear and learn from you?

Think about what key words your prospects might be using to search for firms like yours.  Make sure you include them in your posts.

Set the time aside to post new content.

And create the mechanisms to activate it…whether it’s something like a newsletter, email release, or PR release.

Make it work for you…don’t make your prospects work for it.