A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend MarTech West, one of the premier marketing technology conferences in the country.

A group of people gathered at the 2018 Martech West Expo

They have a sister conference coming up this Fall out East. Well worth checking out.

If you’re a marketer, marketing technology matters because it’s going to make the life of marketing more efficient.

It will help you operate smarter, and might even save you some money in the process. Certainly should help you make more.

If you’re an agency, marketing technology matters for all the reasons above, plus it’s a necessary place for you to be.


Your clients either do or will expect you to help lead them so they make the right choices for their business.

So regardless of what side you sit on, here are five of the cooler tools I learned about as I traveled to all 80 exhibitor booths at the show.

Of note, I am not being paid to endorse these platforms and I haven’t been asked to write about them:


Vyaker helps make the task of routing leads to sales people easier.

They offer a range of tools and technologies to solve the most complex, sales lead routing challenges. They offer data standardization, fuzzy matching software, and lead segmentation.

Their solutions are built with APIs to help sales teams leverage everything the platform has to offer.


VWO is the all-in-one platform that helps you conduct visitor research, build an optimization roadmap, and run continuous experimentation.

Things like surveys, heatmaps, and visitor recordings can be done in the VWO platform without having to rely on multiple tools. It quickly allows prototyping and testing of new ideas, features and content. The ability to push changes, without having to involve multiple teams to relaunch areas of the site makes work highly efficient, and the ability to reverse those same changes instantaneously is equally as useful.


Alyce is a new AI powered platform that gives businesses an easier and more effective way to select and send gifts to prospects, clients and other corporate contacts.

The platform uses AI to match your gift recipient to the perfect gift for them. The platform has more than 30,000 potential gifts to choose from. Then it takes into account relevant social data and your business’s goals to select a gift that’s personalized to each individual. The recipient receives a notification that they’ve received a gift, at which point they can accept, choose another gift or even donate the money to charity.


Currnt is the world’s first knowledge network connecting professionals and companies to understand and advance the rapid market and technology trends shaping our world.

Their technology is used by thought leaders and brands to connect people by their authentic passions around the globe, host curated and facilitated dialogues, and produce actionable insights that impact change.


Voicify’s Voice Experience Platform™ allows marketers to engage with their customers on a deeper and more personal level.

Their Voice Content Management System ™ allows brands to rapidly deploy voice experiences across any voice assistant device and easily maintain the content.

So that’s what I’ve got.

There were plenty of other great platforms on the floor. If you’ve got the time, it might be worth checking each of them out.

Here is a link to the sponsors portion of MarTech West’s website.

Key question to ask yourself if you’re a marketer is: “Is my agency keeping me abreast of what’s new that can better my business?”

If they aren’t, it might be time to explore a new firm that can.  Need help, give us a call (513-559-3101) or drop us a line.

Stay ahead of the technology game! Your business depends on it!