In our latest 2017 New Year Outlook Survey Report, marketers tell us a number of things about their plans for investing in their business – and specifically, their plans to invest in technology.

Things that should concern many agencies.

74% of marketers see their demands for marketing technology, increasing over the course of the next 3 years.

37% of marketers have appointed a CIO.

82% of marketers say their CIO has “moderate” or “tremendous” influence on marketing.

And 91% of marketers that have a CIO say their relationship with them is “moderately” to “tremendously” effective.

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87% of marketers say they are either going to “somewhat” or “significantly” invest in their business (e.g. people, infrastructure, technology) in 2017.  This is an increase of 30 percentage points since 2013!

44% of marketers are moving monies out of traditional marketing platforms into marketing technology.

82% of marketers say that demand for data/analytics from their agencies will increase “somewhat” or “significantly” in 2017.

So if you agency isn’t keeping up…or isn’t bringing new, fresh thinking to the table, you might want to consider either pushing them, or finding other firms to complement (or replace) what the agency is doing for you.

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Clearly we don’t want this to turn into a “chase the next shiny object” sort of relationship.

But we do think it’s important for agencies to be leaders when it comes to understand what’s new and different (and importantly, better) in helping their clients move their business forward.

Every year, we publish a Tools & Technology report – related primarily to new business.  But within that are tools and technologies that your agency should be using to help push your brand forward.

If you’re a bit stuck and not sure where to turn, happy to have a conversation to help you sort it out.  Email me and we can set time to talk: