If you’re looking for a new marketing agency, why put yourself through the pains of doing it on your own?

It’s likely you have no time.  And it’s likely you don’t have the full view of all the possible best-in-class agencies to support your business.

You were built to market your brand, not be an expert searcher of marketing agencies.

If you’re a mid-to-smaller tier spending brand or you have a special project that needs a new set of eyes, we can help – at no cost to you.

Don’t look at us as “cheap”, look at us as “high value” because we are.

I just talked with an old client yesterday who has moved into a new role with the company and wants to bring us back for another assignment.

Clients that use us, completely see the value of bringing us on board.  I’m the guy that manages the search, and I take pride in the work I do for marketers.

We have helped major brands in many categories find new, best-in-class agencies.

And importantly, the relationships have been long-lasting.

Agency Search

The agency relationship established in our first search in 2010, for the folks at Citrix (GoToMeeting), is still going strong.  So is the relationship between Jack-in-the-Box and Struck, SteinMart and Bohan, Legrand and Gravity, Grand Cayman & Red.  The list is long.

And the categories are many…like banking, food, service franchises, travel & hospitality, energy, and healthcare, among others.

So if you’re thinking about making a change as you head into 2019, give us a call.

Now is a good time to start getting your ducks in a row and lining up the new firm that can help carry your business forward.

Give us a shout if interested in learning more. 513-559-3101 / mark@rswus.com.