Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing the phrase “uncertain times.”

It’s become a cliche, but it’s tough to escape the fact that we’re in uncharted waters. As we look ahead, there are new questions daily that demand answers.

And while we’re far from out of the woods, the conversation has begun to turn toward the future: what’s next, and how can you get a headstart on the coming reset?

Marketers are forging onward, and making the best possible use of this opportunity to take stock and evaluate their marketing initiatives and agency rosters. It’s an apprehensive time, but one that can ultimately prove productive for your long-term marketing.

Of course, part of that equation is the capability for your agency to manage these uncertain times…the unknown.

The past several weeks have been one curveball after another, and a real stress test for the marketing world as messaging developed on Tuesday is often rendered obsolete by Thursday.

We wanted to get a better handle on how agencies were equipping themselves to deal with these hurdles, so we asked both them and marketers like you to describe their preparedness for the road ahead in our COVID-19 Survey Report.

First, the good news: More than half of marketers feel that their agency is ready to face the road ahead.

Confidence has become one of the most valuable commodities in today’s world, so it’s impossible to overstate the value in knowing (or at least believing) that your agency has your back.

Next, the not-so-good news: 14% don’t think their agency is up to it. An unsettling number, but hopefully one that can be resolved sooner rather than later.

And finally, the news that’s perhaps most concerning: Nearly a third of marketers don’t know whether or not their agency can rise to the occasion and adapt to changing needs.

This is a problem.

Not only does it mean that marketers aren’t confident in the abilities of their agency, but it points to a bigger issue of communication.

Whether or not your agency is able to tackle the challenges still to come, they need to be relaying that to you as the client, and helping you navigate the waters.

If you don’t know where your agency stands in terms of these kind of capabilities, it’s time to start asking the tough questions about the path forward.

Now more than ever, there needs to be an open dialogue with your partners about changes to your marketing, and how it can be adapted to changes down the line. If your agency is unable, or unwilling, to open that conversation now, it’s not a good sign for when things get back to normal…. or should I say, “normal”.

There are plenty of agencies out there that are aptly equipped to help you move your business forward.  There are plenty of firms that we speak with and work with every day that are proactively managing their client relationships…thinking of new ways to support their brands and new ideas to keep their brand in demand.

So if you’re thinking about looking for a new firm, or just some additional smart thinking…give us a call and we can help you find a better firm.  Typically at no cost to you.  Give us a call (513-293-6785) or drop us a line (msneider@rswagencysearch.com) if you’d like to talk.