“RSW/AgencySearch really did their homework in evaluating agencies for our search. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical coming in – particularly given they were free. But they vetted agencies thoroughly to only bring the best set of firms to the table. They made the job of finding a new agency easy and efficient. I would definitely recommend them to any marketer.”

Marc Aneed | Vice President Marketing | Glanbia Sports Nutrition.

Most search consultants bring experience having worked on both the agency side of the world and the marketing side of the world. That’s easy.

Many people jump from one side to the other. I started my career at DDB Needham and then proceeded to spend 10 years working in marketing in the consumer packaged goods space.

Knowing of agencies and knowledge of the agency world is a cost of entry for any good search consultant.

But what none of them have is what we at RSW/AgencySearch have and that’s the “Under the Hood” advantage.

In addition to managing an agency search business that we’ve been running for close to a decade now, we also represent close to 50 independent agencies across the nation – of various types and sizes.

We work with marketing agencies virtually every day of the year to help them find new business, so we have a better understanding of their world and how they can help marketers like you.

We ride right along side of them and understand how they try and take what they have and make it sing to you, the marketer.

This “under the hood” perspective that we bring to the table gives us an inherent advantage over other agency search consultancies.

  • We know how to ask the tough questions upfront
  • We can tell when an agency is lazy in their response to RFIs and when they aren’t
  • We judge the agency on how they operate during the search process (how they look today) and how consistent they are throughout the search process
  • We can tell when an agency is “blowing smoke” and when they are genuine in their responses
  • We can tell when an agency is desperate for your business versus when they genuinely want to work with you and have a passion for your business
  • And we know what can help an agency deliver a more meaningful and productive response to you, so we work with you to arm them with the insights they need to deliver best-in-class thinking

The daily relationships we have with agencies puts us (and our marketing clients) in a better place.

And the way we engage with our marketing clients puts us in a better place. We cost you less…or in some cases, cost you nothing to manage a search.

If you’re looking for a new marketing agency, or thinking about looking for a new marketing agency, give us a call (513-559-3101) or drop us a line (msneider@rswagencysearch.com).

Happy to talk.