Think small…get small holds true for marketing agencies just as much as it holds true for marketing clients.

We just found out that one of our marketing agency clients won a major piece of business with a firm many hundreds of miles away from their shop.  The agency had historically had most of its business in its backyard and wanted to move beyond.


We helped re-position their agency’s offering to focus it on a singular value proposition so they were no longer another “everything for everybody” agency…and it worked!

So the small agencies, think small and act as if afraid to zero in on that which is their greatest strength and leverage it.

It’s how we operate.  We only play in the agency and client space.

It’s how you should operate too.  Find your space and live it…everywhere.  Try and spread yourself too thin or be everything for everybody…and you’ll look like everybody else.

The “think small…get small” also holds true when picking a new agency.  If you are one of those marketers that thinks “it’s nice to have my agency in my backyard” and that’s all you do – is look in your backyard – you’re doing yourself a disservice.


There is talent out there that is zeroed in on your needs and has the ideas and experiences to help you move your business forward.

Case in point:  Glanbia and Tombras.  Glanbia, the sports nutrition company based in Chicago, first came to me ideally wanting to find an agency in the Chicago area.  We discussed the importance of opening up the search so we could find the best possible agency for them.  They listened and found Tombras, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  They brought a ton of great experience to the table in their space and were clearly the most forward thinking agency among those we considered.

The relationship started strong and continues to be strong.

So if you’re looking for a new marketing agency, I know you don’t know a lot about the agencies that sit outside the four walls of your town….

…but trust me, the good ones are out there – and there’s one waiting for you!