An external viewpoint is a great way to think outside the box and think like your customer.

Finding better marketing agencies requires identifying matching philosophies and award-winning work, but these tips will ensure you have the right partner.


  1. The size of the project – Are you engaging the agency on a project basis or for a longer term? This determines cost and the size of the team needed to deliver stellar results. Once determined, you can add this to your RFP.
  2. The size of the agency needed – You want agility and flexibility. A startup agency will be quick to say yes to any job to get the right client on its roster, and within budget, but do they have the team to execute the assignment to spec, on time and with success?
  3. The assignment – Make sure the assignment is clearly communicated with the scale of the project and the anticipated bandwidth of the agency team that will work on your account. Most agencies will be quick to give feedback on potential challenges. Developing a brief helps this conversation.
  4. The portfolio of business cases – Ask for examples of business cases with metrics. Make sure to compare the metrics presented with your internal benchmarks. The point is for both you and agency to add to a portfolio of success.

Great rapport and shared values go a long way in finding the right agency partner.

The above should carry as much, if not more weight. For help finding your next agency partner, contact us.