There are a number of signs that can

present themselves suggesting it

might be time to look for a new agency.


They include:

  1. Your agency has switched key account people more than once in just a few years
  2. Your requests for points of views from your agency take an ever increasing longer period of time to get back from the agency
  3. You find yourself presenting new ideas to your agency more often then they present them to you
  4. Your agency is having a harder time justifying its spending
  5. Your agency doesn’t seem completely comfortable in the digital/social space
  6. Your agency still relies on “like” and “followers” as their measure of social and digital success
  7. “Service” seems more like an afterthought than a passion for your agency
  8. Your agency isn’t planning in an integrated way – they are planning traditional media first, then force-fitting digital and social
  9. Your agency is more interested in awards than seeing your business grow
  10. Your agency hasn’t updated its site in years and haven’t posted in months

While this isn’t the be-all, end-all list…they are things to keep an eye out for.  They could prove precursors to possible future issues with your marketing agency.  If you start seeing signs of any of the above, best to confront (in a nice way) your agency and let them know how you’re feeling and what you expect.

Let it go too long and you might be scrambling to find a better firm.