So what marketing lessons can we learn as marketers and advertisers from the last 18 months?

That bombastic wins the day?

That division is the way to go?

That hateful rhetoric is smart marketing?

Don’t think so.

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What he has shown us is the importance of defining a positioning and staying true to a positioning is what is the best way to succeed in the market.

Oh, and KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Trump started and maintained throughout the campaign his character.  A character that was first borne in the Apprentice and presented itself after his exit from the Down Escalator, and continued throughout his run for the presidency.

It was a simple message.  People got it.  It won the day.

So if you walk away with nothing else from this campaign, walk away knowing that if you define a simple message, frame it in a way that people can easily understand, and stick to it, you too can win the day!

That of course assumes it’s compelling and meaningful.

Trump won because he did all of this.

You can too.

Just please don’t be bombastic and divisive and hateful.