UNITSH_120A_AllAboutMe_xlargeOk…originally was just going to write this post from the perspective of the marketer – and talk about how marketers need to treat agencies just like they’d like to be treated during a marketing agency search – with respect, openness, and fairness.

But then I thought about a recent search I was managing and how an agency took the client back in time.

They created a bit of a cheesy sort of “impress them with fluff and not substance” presentation.

And so I’ll turn this one around and suggest to you, the marketer, that you need to keep your eyes peeled for these kinds of folks.  Fortunately, this agency had enough substance that it overshadowed any of the “gimmicks” they presented.  But had they not, this presentation would have fallen flat on its face.

The best way to avoid non-substantive presentations is to be clear in terms of expectations and wants in the search.

I know if these guys ever get involved in another search, I’ll make certain that we are crystal clear in terms of what the client wants and expects.

Cheesy was good during the day when money and drinking was a’flowin’ and it was more about who you knew than what you did.

Today’s day is different.

You clients demand substance and accountability.  Agencies need to treat you, like you would want to be treated.

And yes, the flip side is also true too.