The “season” is the time of year when marketers start thinking about looking for new marketing agencies.

Some call it “silly season” because there are marketers that just use it as an excuse to change firms.  A New Year means a new firm.

Bad results?  Easy to pin it on the agency.  Let’s change them out!

There’s nothing silly about the season we’re in the middle of right now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good time to look at what your agency is – or isn’t doing for you, the Marketer.

There is are two over-riding principles I share with all our agency clients  on the agency new business side of our firm.

I tell them: “The Way You Look Today is a Reflection of How You Will Operate Tomorrow”.

I also believe that agencies have to “Make Every Day Feel Like the First Day of the Relationship”.

The two kind of go hand-in-hand.

These times that we’re in the middle of presents an entirely new game for you Marketers and your agency partners.

Early findings from our most recent survey indicate that only 39% of agencies feel that COVID has had a neutral or positive impact on their business.

It’s hurt every other firm. Heck hurt us.

We had to help our agency clients by reducing fees to make it easier for them to work their way through this continuous crisis.

But just because the agency is down…doesn’t mean they are out.

Or does it?

How they look today is a reflection of how they might operate tomorrow.

Are they proactively helping you…like we’ve helped our clients, work your way through this crisis.

Do you see them coming to the table with new, inventive ideas to change the way you engage with your consumers or customers?

Over the course of the last 10 years we at RSW/AgencySearch have managed over 40 searches.  Virtually every search has been driven by one of two factors:

1) The marketer feeling like they’re missing something and they can’t put their finger on it.

2) Or the come to us looking for a new agency because the marketer feels like they’re the ones always bringing new ideas to the table and they are just plain tired of it.

With COVID, the resources of your agency might be challenged.  I feel bad for firms that have been hit hard. But the good ones are up to the challenge.

We represent a firm that plays in the tourism/travel space and one that plays in the trade show exhibit space.

Down and out?  Far from it.

These agencies are working alongside their clients.  They’re talking strategy and planning with clients and prospects.

And these agencies are finding ways to make the best of a tough situation to better their clients lives.

Is your agency showing this same passion and resolve?

If not, we can help you find one that is…at no cost to you.

Visit our site to learn more:  RSW/AgencySearch.