Have you looked at your marketing agency’s website lately?  Are you even mentioned on the site?

How does their blog look?  Is the last post months ago or just days ago?  Because if they’re selling you hard on the value of social media and content and they’re doing little-to-nothing to maintain their own presence, what does that say about their commitment to the platform?

A marketing agency’s website can say a lot about the agency.

Just how functional/user friendly is their site?  Is it hard to navigate and hard to get a good look at their work or their case study results?

I say if it’s hard to navigate your own agency’s website, what does that suggest about the work that they’ll do for you – or their next client?


Marketers come to agency websites to see their work, see their results, see their people and get a sense of the character of the agency – period.  Marketers tell us this each and every year in the surveys we conduct among marketers throughout the country.

Marketers don’t go to an agency’s site to learn about their philosophy or to find out how strategic and smart and fun to work with they are.  Any agency can say that.

A marketing agency’s website is a reflection of not only who they are, but how they are most likely to manage your world.  If their site is jumbled and hard to work your way through…the relationship with the agency may be a reflection of just that.

It’s not unlike how we look at things like RFI responses and how agencies manage their communication with us and the marketing client during a search.

If they stumble-trip their way through it at this phase of the evaluation, what does that mean for your relationship with them.

Keep your eyes peeled. And don’t minimize the importance of an agency having a great agency site!