In our last survey on the COVID situation (in the middle of March – seems like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it?), we asked you what you thought things would look like for you on the other end of this – the post-COVID marketing world.

Reading full survey reports and addendums of open-ended comments can be a bit time consuming.  To help, I thought I’d share some of the hightlights from the open-ends as they may prove inspiring for you.

It’s always interesting to see what your peers are thinking and doing.  Responses to our survey come from a range of different industries.  The vast majority of you are marketers, so most of what’s below should be relevant.

It just might paint a picture of what it will look like for you.

The open-ended question we asked you marketers, was this:  “Briefly describe how you expect your marketing approach to look different once we come out of this situation.”

Here are some of the answers:

– We will increase spending again on originally planned tactics, but also put money toward recognizing all those who helped during the pandemic.

– Less emphasis on trade shows.  I don’t want to ever shake hands with hundreds of people a day again!

– We will be extremely limited due to cash flow shortages.  It will be like we are a baby law firm, starting all over.

– I expect we will focus on convenience service adoption rather than the rapid introduction of new products.

– Better focus on data focused decision making.

– Experiential will be in smaller groups, more intimate, respecting social distancing.  Because we sell high-end products, we will concentrate on features that are unique for our products.  We will focus on permission marketing.

– Maintain the human-centric orientation, but ramp up our own marketing efforts.

– I’d expect more digital lead generation as other sources are going to be slower to ramp up.

In our survey, 49% of you believed your approach would look different than it looked when this situation first started.  32% of you “didn’t know”.  Only 19% of you gave us an emphatic “no”.

I truly believe that not only will a lot of you learn from this experience and find elements of what you are doing today of equal, or greater value in how you run your business tomorrow, but I believe there’s more.

As I shared in last Friday’s “Connective Perspective”, I believe there are also personal things you’ve been  doing every day over these past 6-8 weeks that should be carried forward once we’re out of this craziness.

So think about yourself anond what you’re doing – for yourself and for others.

Think about your business and the changes your making.

And think about your marketing agency (if you’re working with one) and ask yourself if they’re able and ready to carry you forward beyond, into a new phase of your business’ life.

31% of you told us our survey that you don’t know.

In my opinion, that’s a bit of a concern.  Call us if you need help.