What really makes a


marketing agency


Is it expertise?

Is it their location?

Is it category experience?

Is it how many awards they’ve won?

Is it how fun the agency principals and staff are?

Is it because they always deliver their work on time?

Is it because they have a strong strategic planning group?

Is it how reasonable they are when they negotiate their fee?

Is it because they seem to care more about you than they do about themselves?


It’s all of this and none of this.

To me…these are all costs of entry.

Any agency should deliver all of these things.


What really sets the winning agencies apart are those that wake up every day and treat each day like it’s the first day of a relationship.

Just brought a client on board for a new search.  15+ years working with this agency and as the years passed, the service suffered, the enthusiasm waned, the ideas stopped flowing, and the leadership stopped leading.


So how do you find these great firms?

Ask the questions that will get the answer to the question:  Show me how you have treated each day of your relationship like it’s the first day of the relationship.  Give me examples of where you’ve improved your longer standing clients’ worlds at different points in your relationship.


This will be telling.

This will separate out the good from the great.

This will help you find and build longer relationships.

This will help you improve your chances of building a stronger business.