If you’re like most marketers, you probably get a large number of calls each week from marketing agencies.

It can be annoying, I’m sure.  But if you look and listen carefully, it’s pretty easy to sort out the agencies that are thinking mainly about themselves and those that genuinely care about you and your business.

On the outsourced agency sales side of our business, we encourage our new business directors to “reach out with relevancy” and show the marketing prospect that we know a little something about their business.

We also encourage our marketing agency clients to spend only about 20% of their time talking during introductory calls with folks like you.  Too many agency principals love talking about themselves.

This has to be a story about you and your needs, not about the agency.

When we run searches for marketers like you and help them find a new and better agency, we often encourage our marketing clients to share names of any agencies they’ve talked with or seen that might make sense to include in the search.

We are always happy to vet agencies on behalf of our marketing clients as part of a search.

So the next time that phone rings or you receive an email, ask the agency why they’re calling and why they’re interested in your business.  Then see how effectively they can convince you that they are the right agency for your business.

If all they do is talk about themselves and ask you general questions like “What keeps you up at night?” turn and run.  The cheesy sales meter is riding high.

agency sales

If you’re thinking about finding a new agency and you need some counsel or advice, give us a call.

Happy to coach you through the process or help you manage the search at no or nominal cost.