If you’re like most marketers, I’m guessing you get inundated with agency phone calls, emails, and letters sent from folks trying to get your attention.

While I’m sure it can be a real pain in the you know what…there are things you can do to sort out the good from the not so good – without even responding to a single soul.

Looking for the right Marketing Agency

Once went to a sales training session with some guy locally here and he told our sales team to tell people they were reaching out to that we “had your test results and to give us a call back” as a way of getting folks to respond.

I’m sure you’ve seen it – and I hope you avoid it.  The tactics that try and lure you in by “tricking you” to answer an email or respond to a call.

Only those with value.

There are some agencies that actually do care about you.  You’ll know it when you see it.  They’ve looked up news about you, they share that insight and speak to your problem in terms that make you believe they really do understand.  It’s these kinds of agencies you want to be talking with.

Beware of the “free” offer.

I get these all the time…emails from folks that tell me that my website stinks and they have the perfect solution.  Really?

It’s fine to get something “free” from an agency…but let’s be real…how can an agency walk in the door with the answer.  It’s only after an initial engagement/conversation with them that can arm them well enough (if they’re smart and they ask good questions) to come back with ideas/thinking/proposals to help you address your business challenge.

Persistence can be a good thing.

Pounding on your door with the agency shouting out how great they are in an incessant, unforgiving way is completely annoying.  But the New Business Director or Principal of an agency who really wants to meet with you because they believe they can bring new perspective, a better way to to move the business ahead, or insights that can better your brand…just might be worth a conversation.

Persistence can be a good thing…if it’s well directed and with good intention.

So what does this mean for you, the marketer?

Don’t just hang up and don’t just delete.  And don’t throw that mailer away when you get it.  There might legitimately be some value on the other end of that outreach.

But before you call back or email a response, take a quick look and see how the agency is talking to you.  Are they talking at you – or with you before they meet you.  If the latter…might be worth a call.