I suspect some of you have opted to not work with us because of our “no cost” approach to helping marketers find new agencies.

With our unique model, marketers pay nothing for us to manage the search.  We take a small (10%) commission on revenue earned by the winning agency (in their relationship with you).

The model has delivered over 35 solid agency-client relationships since our start in 2010.

I recently had a marketer come to me asking me if we’d work on a flat fee basis – where the marketer pays us a fee to help them find a new firm.

My answer was “sure”!

We did this once before for the Grand Cayman Islands and it proved a success.

So my conversation with this marketer got me thinking, why not make this offering…part of our offering?


And my answer (to myself) was “sure”!

So, if you are looking for an agency and don’t want to deal with our “no cost” model (for whatever the reason), we are more than happy to receive a fee from you instead.

Here are two ways we can help:

Tier I Program

If all you need is a group of qualified agencies – and then you’re happy to carry the process from there, we can make the introductions for you.  Typically this would require 2-3 weeks to review and deliver 4-6 agencies.  Tier I fee: $1k-$5k depending on the complexity of the search.

Tier II Program

If you want us to manage the entire process of interviewing agencies, developing the RFI, reviewing the RFI, managing the final pitch presentation logistics and pre-meeting connects, we can certainly do that.

This is how we typically manage a search program.

Tier II programs will typically run a couple of months from “go” to agency selection.

Tier II fee: $25k-$45k depending on the complexity of the search.

So if you’re looking for a new marketing agency, drop us a line (msneider@rswagencysearch.com).

Happy to talk.