We recently asked Marketers in a survey what they WANT when in introductory meetings or calls with agencies.  And asked them what they GET.

You’ve seen the Grand Canyon?

The divide is much greater than that.

Here’s what Marketers tell us they WANT agencies to do during first meetings/calls:

  • Share ideas on how the agency is different from other agencies
  • Ask questions
  • Demonstrate strategic understanding before creative
  • Show a level of curiosity about their business
  • Present yourself like a thought leader
  • Be open to your ideas as well as presenting their own
  • Share proven capabilities
  • Show thinking & passion
  • Bring new & unique solutions to the table
  • Be honest

Ok…so hold on.

This all seems reasonable and it’s what any Marketer should expect from any good agency when in an introductory call or meeting.  After all, it should be all about you.  If it’s all about them, then they’re just going to feel like any other agency.

So here we go…this is what Marketers tell us they GET when in first meetings/calls:

  • The agency’s opinion
  • Creative highlights before strategy
  • Portfolio of past work
  • Often just a sales pitch on how great the agency is
  • Not enough about what they can do for you
  • Some cool examples that aren’t tied to the Marketer’s real world
  • Marketing speak

It’s easy for an agency to just talk about themselves.

What’s hard is taking the time to get to know a little bit about you before the introduction, preparing good, smart questions to ask you during the call, and making it all (or mostly) about you.

This holds true for first meetings.  It also holds true for proposal responses, RFP responses, and pitch presentations.

The way an agency looks today is a reflection of how they’ll operate tomorrow.

If they look like they’ve cut and pasted their way into your world, they might cut and paste their way through a relationship with you.

So remember, when talking with agencies or reviewing proposal or RFPs, look favorably on the “WHAT YOU WANT” agencies and steer clear of the “WHAT YOU GET” firms.

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