Too often, Agencies present their wares and offer no sense of why they are presenting what they are presenting.

Can happen at any stage of the Agency Search process, but the place we see it most is in the early phases of the process (RFI or RFP) where there is little-to-no direct communication with you the Client.

It is especially important in the RFI phase where you and/or your search consultant are reviewing a larger number of Agency credential pieces within a limited window of time.

If an Agency presents a case study in response to a question about experience in a sector, but gives no context relative to why this case study should be important to you…they have missed a HUGE opportunity to sell you on their value.

So the million dollar question is:  Do I help the Agencies along by telling them that this is what I’m looking for?

My answer is: NO!  If they are worth their weight, they should know how important this is. 

Leaving this out is almost like creating an ad for your product and failing to tell your consumer why what your selling is of value to them.  If they can’t sell you, how can they sell your consumer??!!

While I know that reading case studies (and RFIs in general) can be a challenging exercise…do read them carefully and cull out those that do an outstanding job of making their case.  If they do it there, they are more than likely to be buttoned up and smart thinking enough to handle your business.

Look for the Relevance!!