On Friday, July 19th, I’ll be presenting a webinar on the topic of why agency-client relationships fail.Mirror

To register for the webinar, click here:  RSW/AgencySearch Webinar

In this presentation, I will talk about relationship hindering issues I see on the two sides of the fence I deal with every day:  The Agency side and the Marketer side.

As the head of the Nation’s largest agency new business development group and a former advertising guy myself, I live the day in the life of an agency, 365 days a year and see the problems agencies face and the mistakes they make that get in the way of solid agency-client relationships.

And as the head of an agency search firm that helps marketers find better agencies, and as a former CPG marketing executive, I see the pains that marketers feel and knows some of the mistakes they can make at all possible points of a relationship that can prevent a loving marriage.

I will take a look at the full life of the agency-client life cycle and discuss some of the challenges facing both sides that create elements of distrust, dislike, and disengagement – as well the things both sides can do to make it right and long-lasting.

I also present a social psychological theory on what I believe is the root cause of failing agency-client relationships.