Finding a new agency is never an easy thing.

You never quite know if you’re talking to the best talent and worry that if you don’t pick the right firm, you might be in a position where you’re having to start the process all over again.

Don’t worry…be happy

This worry has led some marketers to reach out to as many firms as they can – by either pushing out requests to any agency they have some modicum of awareness of – or asking a search consultant to do the same.  Or there have been cases where marketers have used Twitter to put out an “all call” to agencies interested in vying for their business.

Regardless of the way in which it’s done, the act of “cattle calling” is not a good way to go.

It’s the case of good stuff in, good stuff out…and garbage in, garbage out.

Best to lay out your criteria carefully, take the time (or ask your consultant, or the firm, or people working for you, to take the time) to evaluate each agency carefully.  The more time you can take upfront to screen out the good agencies from the not-so-good, the better off you’ll be in the end.

In addition, the fewer the number of agencies, the more likely you are to really take some meaningful time to review their responses.  Too many agencies submitting too many RFI’s means less time per agency reviewed.

The Right Number

We recommend limiting your initial agency selection to 6-10 and quickly narrowing it down to a 3-4 agency list for the final consideration set.  Much beyond this and you won’t do yourself much good.