Ran across a great piece in Adweek the other day called “Why Traditional Agency Model is Struggling to Keep Up With Demand”.


Here are some of the highlights that might prove relevant to your agency relationships:

“The agency of the future will thrive by being quick and nimble, which results from a flatter organization and a process that allows for pivoting quickly.”

“Whereas marketers used to hire agencies to develop 30-second spots for TV and print planned months in advance, now they’re managing customized marketing across diverse platforms and devices to targeted audiences, all in real time, with need for integration across all touch points.”

“The shift away from traditional marketing models leads to significant opportunities for fast-moving agencies rooted in digital, contrary to Sir Martin’s outlook. The key for agencies that want to withstand the test of time will be to find ways to deliver at the highest levels for core brand needs—conceptualizing, producing and promoting powerful creative—under one roof. The smartly integrated agencies that can manage digital and creative end to end, while remaining open to collaboration, will come out on top.”


This shift is happening right before our eyes.  If you are concerned your current marketing agency isn’t keep you ahead of this evolving curve, give us a shout and we’d be more than happy to help you find a new and better partner.