I’m surprised to find that few Marketers have ever used a firm to find marketing agencies.

Most have picked up marketing agency recommendations from friends or co-workers…which is perfectly fine.

Some carry their old firm into a new job…again, can work perfectly fine.

Some manage the search on their own.  While a very time consuming process, can work out ok.

We are in the middle of a search right now where the Marketer rifled through two agencies in only four years.  In both cases, they followed one of the three practices outlined above.

While these approaches can be perfectly good, they aren’t perfectly optimized.

In order to get a full view at the best possible options to manage your business, you need to do the following:

1) Assign someone who knows the business of advertising intimately; 2) Has the resources to search across lots of different agencies of different types/sizes; and 3) Knows how to ask the right questions to unearth the best talent to meet your needs.

Many who manage searches on their own in leiu of hiring an outside firm do so because the cost is too prohibitive.  That’s why RSW/AgencySearch exists.  No cost to the Marketer with all the benefits of a for cost agency search firm.

Drop us a line.  Give us a try.  We can be of huge value to you.