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What will social media do to agency search firms?  Some believe that social media has so  enabled marketers that the need for agencies to create more traditional marketing outreach programs targeted to marketers is virtually non-existent.   And some believe that social media has so effectively connected marketers to agencies that marketers can now very effectively “push out” their needs and watch agencies come a running – making the need for agency search firms virtually non-existent.


All that would would make perfect sense if all agencies were uber-active in the social space.

They sell it very effectively, but don’t do a good job of creating and managing it themselves.  As noted below the results from a 2010 RSW/US survey on agencies’ use of social media, agencies aren’t all that active in using social media to help them find new business.  Only 22% are using it “often”.

So bottom line, as long as agencies do little to participate in social media marketers will have little opportunity to use the medium to connect with agencies. And as long as agencies do little to participate in social media, there will be limited opportunities for marketers to get a fully robust look at agencies that are best suited for their needs.

So how do you find great agencies without spending lots of money or consuming too much of your time?  Friends and colleagues are good resources.  Searching for specific types of agencies and reviewing their sites is another good way of initially assessing the value of agencies.  Or you can talk to us.  We charge you nothing and can help you look at a larger universe of agencies to better fulfill your needs.