As a marketer, you know the things you want for your company and your brand.


But do you know how to find the agency that will get you there?

All too often, we see marketers try to shoulder the responsibility of an agency search, many of which are under-equipped to do so through no fault of their own.

As you look back on your time in the marketing world, how have your past agencies typically been found?

Was it a recommendation from a peer? A legacy agency that you inherited?

Maybe you were in a position to bring an agency along with you over to a new company, or even managed a search on your own in addition to your existing workload. And all of these assume that you’re still using an outside agency, rather than bringing the work in-house.

Simply sticking with a limited pool because that’s “what’s always been done” isn’t an optimal way to find new ideas, and a great way to end up in a marketing partnership that lacks fresh strategic direction and creativity.

Fresh ideas

The average agency-client relationship lasts only 3.2 years, speaking to the tenuous foundations these partnerships are often built upon. Done right, however, an effective search can land you an agency match that is proactive, adds value, and fits your business objectives.

Whatever it was, there’s a good chance that you’re restricting yourself, and your company, by not performing a full exploration of the best possible agency options. After all, you went into marketing to connect with consumers – not to play matchmaker.

The ANA recommends about three months for an agency search, starting with identification and leading up through the selection of a winning agency.  We do it in two.

From defining the scope of work and building an initial list of candidates, to reviewing RFI responses, to narrowing the list through things like culture interviews, to the final pitches and selection, these three months depend on expertise and a forward-thinking mindset to land the right agency for your needs – whether that’s a project, a roster addition, or a comprehensive AOR.

Marketers that come to us often don’t have those three months to dedicate to their search, and look to us to take a portion of the workload off of their plate.


Give us a call, or drop us a line and we can talk about how to find your next agency while allowing you to continue doing what you do best – marketing, not hunting down agencies.

We’ve been helping brands find agencies since 2010, and have a database of over 10,000 agencies from which we can build a custom search based on your specific needs. And above all, we only win when we find you an agency relationship that is fruitful, creative, and built to last.