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Category: PR

nov 27

Soles4Souls – A Chance for Marketing Agencies and Marketers to Help

In 2010, we established a relationship with Soles4Souls and have since contributed over 6,000 slightly worn shoes with the help of generous agency contributions. We chose Soles4Souls not only because it’s a worthy organization, but also because our agency clients often recant the story about the cobbler whose children have no shoes, and it struck […]

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jul 11

Betty Crocker – The Model for All Social Programs

Betty Crocker was social before social became all the rage. At this year’s WOMMA, the Keller Fay Group held up Betty Crocker as the first truly social brand. She had followers, she had sharing, she had conversations and engagements, and she had people very emotionally connected to her existence. A space any brand today would die […]

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jun 20

5 Ways You Stink at LinkedIn

A little outside the norm of what we typically post, but thought this article offered some good insight and counsel on the use of LinkedIn. We all use LinkedIn and we probably have some Agencies that have connected with us. Are these Agencies victim of these “stinky” LinkedIn practices? Do they bring you value in your […]

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jun 13

Does Your King (or Queen) Have Clothes?

The need for social transparency has never been greater. And the need to monitor those representing you in the social space has never been greater. Problem is Marketers don’t seem too terribly concerned about the need for greater transparency. In our recent survey on Social and Digital changes since 2009, Marketers are actually less concerned […]

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nov 29

Cobblers Helping Children

11/11/11 marked two special occasions at RSW/US and RSW/AgencySearch. 11/11/11 was our sixth anniversary…which we celebrated with a nice pot luck dinner and a little bubbly. 11/11/11 more importantly marked the end of our 1st annual Soles4Souls campaign.  With the help of about a half dozen of our agency clients and our own efforts, we […]

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jun 27

Searching for the Right PR Firm – In an Ad Agency?

At this year’s Cannes, there were more ad agencies winning awards for PR and social work than PR firms. Is this a trend (are ad agencies taking over the world), or is it as Ad Age suggests, a phenomena driven by the “PT Barnum” nature of the ad industry and the “Cobbler’s Children” nature of […]

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jun 16

Weiner-Gate Like – Agency Search Style

Ok, not quite as bad as that fine lad from NY, but bad nonetheless. When searching for a new agency, make sure you have a good handle on what the agency’s practices are relative to their social media management programs.  If you have the agency handling all your outreach in the social space you better […]

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jun 15

An Agency Search Conundrum: Finding An Agency that Doesn’t Listen

Social media is all the rage.  Marketers want to be in it.  Agencies say they can do it.  Nobody knows exactly how to charge for it.  And it’s harder than heck to keep up with. Many agencies talk about their ability to listen to the voices in social media.  Few really tell you what to […]

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may 02

Agency Search Firm Limitation: Project Work

Most agency search firms focus on big assigments – working with large global firms looking for larger domestic or global agencies. So where do you turn if you’re a firm that has never used an agency search firm and all you need is some “fresh thinking” from a new agency? RSW/Agency Search can help.  We […]

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jan 04

Agency & Marketer Social Media: Not So Social…and Oh So Passive

Social is clearly all the rage. Marketers want it. Consultants are pushing it. Some tout that it is the be all, end all. Not so fast, grasshopper. Check out your prospects. Are they using it?According to our recent study Marketing Executives state that they aren’t personally active in social media. Only 15% are using Twitter […]

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