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What Can We Learn from this Iconic Agency Closing?

August 16, 2019
Another giant in the ad world is closing its doors. And of course, both brands and agencies are jumping to...
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Why Long Agency Review Lists Are No Good

August 2, 2019
Long agency review lists might sound like a great thing to many…but in reality, they are no good for anyone....
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Being a Better Client

July 26, 2019
This week’s post is all about confronting an uncomfortable truth: that your agency isn’t always to blame for deficiencies in...
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In-House Agencies Not As Easy As They Look

July 18, 2019
In a recent survey conducted by the ANA, marketers admit that building and energizing an in-house team of agency folks...
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Future-Proof Your Agency Roster

July 12, 2019
When we conduct searches, we’re always on the lookout for shops that have an eye on the horizon. The best...
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Pick The Best Agency… Not The Best Buzzwords

June 28, 2019
In the age of online discourse, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzzwords of the moment. These characterizations...
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Starting Your Search On The Right Foot

June 21, 2019
As an old adage says: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.“ That in mind, I...
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The Dangers of Cutting Corners In Your Search

June 7, 2019
It’s human nature to seek out the most efficient, streamlined way to accomplish a task. This mindset has been the...
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Agencies Need to Watch Their P’s & Q’s of Pitching, Presenting, Proposals

May 31, 2019
What do you look for in a pitch? Flashy case studies? Past work? Industry experience? By the time of the...
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Even an All-Star Roster Needs an Effective Manager

May 16, 2019
Does managing your roster of marketing agencies feel like you’re operating a well-oiled machine, or is it more like herding...