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apr 21

How To Think About the Agency Search Pitch

The agency search pitch can be a tricky thing.  If you don’t play it right, you won’t get what you need to help you effectively evaluate the firms you’ve brought in to vie for your business. The best thing to do, at least I believe, is to think about your business challenges and build the […]

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jan 05

A Truly Blessed Christmas

I try and keep the posts I write very value-added…meaning they are intended to be helpful to you, the marketer. But I have to share…what was for me, a once in a lifetime experience. I got to spend Christmas Eve with the Pope this past Christmas (and 15,000 of his other followers/believers). Midnight Mass at […]

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aug 17

10 Keys To Creating The Perfect Marketing Agency Search

Creating the perfect marketing agency search is no easy task. Especially when time is in short supply, information is incomplete, and change is needed now. I have had the opportunity to sit through close to 100 final pitch presentations over the roughly 30 searches we’ve managed since the start of RSW/AgencySearch in 2010. Over that […]

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jun 30

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It’s true that breaking up is hard to do…no matter who’s (or what’s) on the receiving end of the break-up. It’s particularly never any fun when it’s a marketing agency.  Just like a real romantic relationship…it started strong…it looked so promising…he seemed to have so much substance and zest for life. Then it started to […]

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sep 25

Do You Want an Agency or Don’t You?

If you’re a marketer and you want a new agency, you can’t just sit back and do nothing and expect prospective agencies to give you great work during a final pitch presentation. I was talking with one of our new agency clients recently (on the RSW/US side of our business) and they told me a […]

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jun 25

The Blurring of Agency Lines

Recently presented to 15 marketing agencies at a CLOSE meeting in San Francisco. CLOSE meetings are for Omnicom agencies and this particular meeting had about 15 different agencies in attendance. The purpose of CLOSE meetings is to give each of these agencies the opportunity to share ideas, successes, challenges – all with the goal of […]

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may 18

Agency Search: One Thing They Forgot – Neutrality

Ad Age recently featured a story about an Agency Search panel conversation that took place at this month’s Mirren Business development conference in New York. A group of Agency Search consultants talked about the problems with today’s agency search world, specifically calling out issues related to the following: Transparency Procurement Confusing processes This panel left out […]

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mar 01

Agency Search: 1st Step – Internal Alignment

I’ve seen it too often…during my 10 years as a CPG Marketer…during my 10 years working in the Agency world…and now as the head of a National Agency Search Firm: Lack of Alignment Clustering Up a Search for a New Agency Before you start any kind of search – whether it’s on your own or with […]

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feb 15

A Power Shift of Walmart Proportions?

Not too long ago there was a shift in power between retailers and marketers. The shift was driven by the fact that retailers owned the space and they muscled it up.  Marketers had little say, and in the end what they were bringing to the table wasn’t so unique that a retailer couldn’t say to a marketer: […]

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feb 15

Agencies Need to Get Beyond “Likes”

We are at a cross road in the digital space. There are agencies that know where this world is going and there are those that are playing a game of digital 101 and aren’t very effectively taking their clients to the places they need to be. In a recent postby digital strategist Mark Smiciklas, he […]

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