Are you a mid-spend marketer?

Are you spending anywhere between $500k-$5M on your brand to help it grow in share and stature?

If that describes you, I’m guessing you probably need to be very careful about how you spend your marketing dollars, likely having to justify every single dollar you spend.

There once was a day when we didn’t have all the analytics and KPIs and trackable media that we have today. Left more time for creative genius and building collaborative relationships with your agency partners.

Not so much anymore.

Today, CMOs and other c-level marketers operate in a different world, having to prove out the value of virtually everything they do and needing to continually push their teams and their brands in order to move them to the next level.

And that means that the agency that hangs its hat on its creative chops alone simply won’t get you to where you need to be.

In our surveys among marketers that we run annually, marketers tell us that the top reason why they look for new agencies is because their agency lacks proactivity, strategy, and ideas.

As a mid-spend marketer with little time (and energy left), having an agency that can continually show you the best way forward is the kind of ideal state of being you want your marketing world to exist in.

I’ve managed agency searches for marketers where the marketer was wanting to move faster than their agency was capable of taking them.  The relationship was solid for decades, but when it came time to take their brand to the next level, the marketer simply couldn’t rely on their legacy agency.

In an article recently published by AdAge, they do a fine job of capturing the essence of the challenges facing mid-spend marketers:

“In today’s dynamic marketing landscape, chief marketing officers in midsize organizations are charged with complex endeavors. These include crafting strategy, building brands, launching omni-channel campaigns and driving immediate business with performance marketing. To deliver this magic, they must balance their teams’ bandwidth with agency partnerships.”

Finding the right agency that can do all the things you need it to do is no easy task.  Relying on agencies that filled your agency roster in the past or relying on the experiences of friends or co-workers simply won’t cut it anymore.

You need smart thinking consultant types that can help you peel your way through the layers of an agency to get down to the brass tax of what the agency is really all about and what they’re capable of delivering for you.

Asking the right questions, probing for the right issues, and setting up the framework for the agencies to show you their worth is ultimately the best and should be the only way to look for a new firm.

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