Lately, I’ve been receiving a number of calls from marketers expressing concern about their traditional advertising agency and their ability to effectively deliver in the digital and social space.

I hear from marketers that in general they feel that their traditional firm is doing a decent job of managing their advertising and marketing affairs.

Problem is, they also feel that their traditional agency either doesn’t have the talents to effectively carry them into the digital/social space or they don’t know how to effectively translate their great traditional campaigns into this brave new world.

I bring it up only as a yellow flag for most of you marketers.

Ask yourself:

  1. Is my agency bringing me new ideas and information about goings on in the digital and social space?
  2. Is my agency doing more than just creating banner ads and setting up Facebook pages for me?
  3. Does my agency build campaigns with the digital space in mind or do they build campaigns for traditional platforms then force fit them in after the fact?
  4. How deep is my agency’s bench in the digital and social space?
  5. How many of their other clients are they helping in the digital world?

There are many more questions you can be asking yourself…but this is just a start.  If you are at all uncertain about the skill sets of your agency I suggest you sit down with them and first discuss your concerns…then decide how to best proceed.

If there’s anything you’d like to discuss…happy to talk.  Just give me a shout (513-559-3101).