Digitally dabbling is no way to develop a productive online program for your brand.  As this post by Jonathan Houston, online marketing manager at Talooma points out, simply placing Facebook and Twitter icons on your website doesn’t make you digitally relevant to your increasingly savvy group of digital consumers.

He notes that “Digital relevance is an aspect of digital or web marketing that many businesses are missing. There is a dramatic difference between plastering up generic social media profiles with generic low interest content and engaging actively in an effective web strategy.”

He goes on to say: “Today’s consumer is much more informed about general marketing trends than in the past, and they are exacting in their requirements on how they want to interact with your brand online.”

Does your agency get it?  In our recent RSW/AgencySearch survey among marketers and agencies, it appears that many of you marketers would rather turn to a full service agency to manage your digital needs than find a specialist agency.  While I have no problem with this…you do need to ask yourself, “does my agency get it?”.

Is the agency ahead of the curve digitally or are they just a “Digital Dabbler”?

Here are a few questions you might want to consider asking your agency the next time you’ve got them on the phone or they’re in town – to see if they have it all together for you in the digital space:

  1. How do we know our message is getting to our target – and getting to them when they are most receptive to the message being sent?
  2. What is the best way to create a real “network of passion” for our brand?  Why are there so few “talking about this” on our Facebook site relative to those that “like” us?  Doesn’t this suggest that there is very little brand interaction on this platform?
  3. How do we know what we’re doing is working?  And if it’s not working, how do we know that and make the necessary adjustments?
  4. And who’s watching what’s being said about us in the digital space?

Not looking to create a “gotcha moment” with the agency, but looking to help you stress the fact that these agencies have to know their you know what in order to keep you ahead of the digital game – AND keep up with the growing needs/demands of your consumer.

If you feel you don’t have what you need, give us a call.  We can help.