In our most recent agency-marketer business report 67% of marketers tell us that they feel that marketing agencies (in general) are keeping up with the “modern world”.  Overall sounds pretty good.

Even better…81% of you marketers feel that YOUR agency is doing a great job of keeping up with the modern world.  So sounds like you’re in good shape…or are you?  19% of you don’t feel this way.

Are you one of the 19%?

If you are, you better do something about it soon.  Not because you’re business demands it, but because you might be forced into it because the agency you work with now, could lose its footing, requiring you to make a change.

Agency keeping up

On the other side of our business, we manage over 60 agency relationships.  We help these agencies by operating as their outsourced new business development team.  Agencies that come on board are most often in solid shape.  They understand the requirements of what makes a good agency and are either “keeping up with the modern world” or are taking steps to get themselves there.

It’s some of the other agencies I speak with on a daily basis that I’m worried about.

I’ll occasionally (maybe 19% of the time) get a call from an agency that just doesn’t seem to get it.  They’re falling behind.  They seem desperate for new business.  They’re concerned about their own future.

You might not see it if you have one of these agencies on your roster.  More than likely they put on a good front face.

You obviously need to protect yourself and your business, so ask your agency:

  1. To provide you with an assessment of your paid and earned media landscape and offer recommendations on how to enhance/better what you’re doing.
  2. To tell you how your current digital marketing plan is performing and if you’re fully maximizing the potential of what you’re putting into market.
  3. To assess the buying cycle of your consumer – in terms of how they’re consuming media and what messaging is right for different consumers at different points of the journey to purchase.

See what they say.  See how they react.  See if they bring you, what you feel is real value in terms of thinking and ideas and new media platforms.

I fully realize it’s tough to stay current with the world changing at such a rapid pace…but with so many agencies out there delivering the goods in a way that’s keeping up with the “modern world”, you owe it to yourself and your business to make a change if the situation demands it.

If you need a new/better agency, give us a call.  We can help you find a better agency without charging you a dime.  Happy to discuss how.