In the world of marketing (and business at-large, for that matter), it’s a long-held truth that bigger is nearly always better: big revenue, big accounts, big names…you get the big idea.

When it comes to marketing agencies, I say, “let’s get small” (or mid-sized).  Think about it as you look for your next agency partner.

Granted, huge agencies certainly have their place, and they’ve grown to that size for a reason, but in all this bombast, many marketers have lost sight of the advantages that a small-ball approach can bring to a marketing partnership.

And we all know that it’s “safe” to go with the  big, well-known firm…but come on…who can afford to be “safe” in today’s rapidly changing marketing space and marketplace?

More Agile

This is something we’ve talked about before, but it bears repeating: the era of AORs has given way to one of tactical project work, requiring a level of flexibility and agility that have long been the Achilles heel of larger networked agencies.

Having a small to medium size partner allows for project work that’s timely, relevant, and free of the development constraints that a larger agency often has to navigate.

More Attentive

Another quality that gets lost when going big is the real risk of off-the-shelf solutions: as the number of clients grows, so too does the temptation for big agencies to recycle ideas from one client to another, even subconsciously.  It’s why Entrepreneur Magazine called out small digital agencies as the better way to go.

Marketing agencies with fewer clients, however, have a chance to get to know your business: your tone, your market positioning, and the small things that hold your brand identity together and make your business unique.

Knowing these things is valuable in and of itself, but more importantly, this understanding of your brand also allows for strategic iteration, which brings us to…

More Creative

This is admittedly a bit more anecdotal, but smaller agencies tend to show a greater propensity to “go for it,” resulting in outside-the-box thinking. These agencies are looking to break the mold set forth by the larger marketing agencies, resulting in unique solutions tailored to your business.

Especially on project work, a scrappier agency can embrace new ideas and run with them, rather than the drift toward the status quo you’ll often find inherent in larger agencies. In combination with the close working relationship that comes from the attentiveness we mentioned above, these ideas can often lead to long-term results for a brand looking to stay fresh.

It’s human nature to see a huge marketing agency and assume that its client list and price tag guarantee a better experience – but before entering into an expensive relationship with a large agency, explore the idea of going small, handpicking the agency best suited for the work rather than writing a check and hoping for the best.

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