Is there trouble in paradise?  Are marketers and marketing agencies headed for splitsville?

What steps can be taken to transform a dysfunctional relationship to one that is more productive and keeps everyone happy?

Evolve Or Perish

Throughout North America and Europe, industry studies revealed that by not responding to the evolution of the brand/agency relationship, 60% of participants reported customer dissatisfaction as well as serious business challenges. For marketers and marketing agencies, the bottom line is: evolve or perish.  Finding the right agency that can keep you ahead of the curve is more vital to your success than you may well imagine.

Let’s Talk Collaboration

Collaboration tops the list of concerns. Nearly half of the study participants reported that collaboration is a difficult challenge. Marketing leaders understand that the nature of marketing is brand driven today. Marketing agencies need to understand the same.  That means effective collaboration between marketers and marketing agencies is necessary in order to gather the right customer data needed for successful campaigns. Marketing agencies are the ones mining for the data used by marketers to create responsive ads that resonate with consumers. Think of this collaboration like the relationship between a jeweler and geologist.

Finding agencies


How does the geologist know what kind of gemstone the jeweler wants? The jeweler’s vision is inspired by what the customer desires. The jeweler must be able to effectively communicate this vision to the geologist in order to get not only the right gemstone, but also the correct size and shade variation. Details matter and more than one-third of respondents in the study said that collaboration failed because of a poorly translated marketing vision. For agencies to get the right data, they must clearly understand the goal of the marketer.

The Personal Touch

In the marketplace, things can change overnight. In order for any marketing campaign to be relevant, it has to reach a target audience during the time that they are still interested. Timeliness was a problem for 38% of agencies participating in the study. By the time a marketing vision reached its final stage and reached the public, the critical time had passed them by. More than 80% of participants said that they are unable to maximize the potential of customer data in a timely manner.

A Single Solution

The single best solution for all of these problems is to not use a single resource. In other words, use the resources of thousands of agencies. This may seem impossible or incredibly time consuming. However, the good news is that there are online services that provide custom searches to pair up a marketer with the right agency.

All you have to do is contact us and enjoy our expertise that helps you stay ahead of the curve.