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aug 26

What I Tell Agencies: How to Win a Pitch

For some, it comes naturally. For others, delivering a winning pitch is a learned skill. For those who fall into category number 2, here are 5 tips on how to win an agency pitch I often give agencies when they are involved in searches we manage for marketing clients: #1. It’s not about you Nothing worse […]

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aug 25

Success Is a Two-way Street: Why Marketers and Agencies Have to Step Up

To be successful marketers and agencies must work toward their goals in tandem. Great outcomes don’t just come from great work.  It’s important that the marketer-agency relationship is set up to facilitate success from the get-go. After all, success is a two-way street, and agencies and marketers have to step up to make a relationship […]

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aug 16

Finding Better Marketing Agencies for Your Brand Image

When the time comes to give your brand image a makeover many businesses choose to hire an outside agency to handle this task due to their industry knowledge and experience. However, you can’t just go and choose any old agency. You want to be sure that the agency that you partner with is going to […]

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aug 11

Agency-Client Relationships – More Important Today Than Ever Before

The marketing landscape has changed so much over the last decade. I tell my marketing agency clients that they all do the same stuff – basically.  What really sets agencies apart is their thinking, strategy, proactive management of their client’s business – as well as their passion, energy, excitement for their client’s business. Agency-Client Relationships […]

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jul 26

What to do with all those agency phone calls, emails, letters?

If you’re like most marketers, I’m guessing you get inundated with agency phone calls, emails, and letters sent from folks trying to get your attention. While I’m sure it can be a real pain in the you know what…there are things you can do to sort out the good from the not so good – […]

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jul 19

When Too Many is Too Much

Ok…I know the title of this post is somewhat nonsensical, but that’s purposeful. Wanted to emphasize the point that looking at too many agencies when in a review of new firms – simply isn’t a good thing. When I hear about agencies getting involved in searches where there are 10+ agencies being looked at – […]

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jul 15

The Virtual Reality of a Solid Agency-Client Relationship

The marketing landscape has changed so much over the last decade.  Has your agency-client relationship changed with it? Has your agency not only kept up with the trends but stayed ahead of the curve? Agency-Client Relationships have always been important but with so many changes in how marketers are building their business and specifically generating […]

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jul 08

4 Tips For Better Agency-Client Relationships

Your marketing results hinge on successful partnerships with agencies. Outsourcing fills in the gaps across digital and traditional marketing so you can focus on the bigger picture. This is why it’s vital to have good agency-client relationships that are built around trust, cooperation, and communication. The first step toward having one of those enviable alliances is to find a […]

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jun 29

Some Agencies Still on the “All the Rage” Train

When digital media first entered the picture, it was all the rage. To some extent it still is….but its role has changed. Back in the day, agencies and marketers looked at digital as something special and different…treated it independent of their full on media campaign. It served as a platform for the hip and cool […]

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jun 21

Warning Signs: Marketing Agencies Gone Awry

Marketing agencies are funny creatures. There’s probably no other industry in the world that operates the way agencies do.  And no other industry in the world that is under such intense pressure as the technology space, client space, and talent space are all in the middle of significant change. I’ve seen plenty of marketer relationships […]

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