I recently presented a webinar titled “Agency-Marketer Frustrations Breed Opportunity”.   In it, I talk about findings from our most recent survey (2015 New Year Outlook Survey) that highlight some real concerns on both sides of the fence about a lack of strategic leadership and lack of honest and open communication.

To watch the webinar, click on the image to the right: marketer-agency frustrations adweek

In the survey we asked marketers and agency executives to tell us what they believed to be one of the most troubling trends they see on the other side of the fence – and the results were rather stunning.  No holds bar.  Honest, open feedback.

While it stings quite a bit – regardless of the side of the fence you sit on – what we see is an opportunity.

An opportunity to improve dialogue, to give agency rope to take the lead, for agencies to want to take the lead, and for both sides to stop chasing shiny objects and think about the business in a smarter, more strategic way.

We had a great turnout for the webinar, so thought I’d share it with our marketer audience at large in case you’re interested in seeing what the other side thinks.