Leo_BurnettLeo Burnett is my idol.

In the sense that his philosophy is what has guided me in the development of both our RSW/US Agency business and our RSW/AgencySearch business.

In his valediction speech, Burnett speaks of the need to maintain value and quality and to push one’s self to always deliver the best possible work to the client.

And he says, when the apples which rest on the reception desk at Leo Burnett, just become apples for eating and don’t represent the core of who they are and what they do…then it’s time  to take his name off the door.

This is true of the work that you do – Mr./Ms. Marketer – and the work that your agency does for you.

I tell our agency clients and post about the importance to treat each day like it’s the first day of the relationship.

You want an agency that thinks about the relationship as if it’s new every day.

So what does this mean for you, the marketer?

In my opinion, it means that when you’re looking for a new agency, check references…talk to your prospective agencies clients – large and small.

It’s one thing to get a POV from one of the agencies largest (and likely happiest client).  Of course they’re going to get the “A” team and get a lot of attention.  But what about that small potato client (that might be just like you)?  Are they happy.  Do they feel like the agency makes each day feel like it’s the first day of the new relationship?   Or do they feel like a second class citizen scraping to get the attention of anyone at the shop?

Ask a few good/simple questions and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out!