Bob_Dylan_-_The_Times_They_are_a-Changin1In a recent article in Ad Age, the author notes that there are many agencies turning their backs on RFIs and RFPs that are simply unrealistic – in terms of fees, time to execute, and ownership of intellectual property.

And in a recent release by the 4As and the ANA, both groups issued a joint edict basically demanding that marketers do a better job of orienting agencies to their needs – as too many RFIs and RFPs were vague and offered little help to the agency in preparing them to deliver what the marketer wanted in the search.

Marketers need to understand that what they might have been able to “get away” with post-2008, isn’t going to work much anymore.

In surveys conducted by RSW/AgencySearch, agencies state that things are improving and there are more opportunities available to them – moreso than ever before.  This allows them to be more selective – making sure that the client they are bringing on board, makes the most sense for them.

So what does this all mean for the marketer?

Means you need to take your time – and prepare before you run out and find a new agency.  Outline your needs, your challenges, where your current agency is falling down.  Give the agencies what they need to give you the best possible output during a search – and PLEASE….don’t try and get more than you deserve out of too little fee.

So much of what agencies deliver today can and should be measurable in terms of its direct effect on your business.  Give the agencies what is fair and just – and then see if they can deliver like they say they can.  Unlike pre-2008 when things weren’t as quite as crystal clear in terms of being able to effectively measure performance…today it can be pretty darn clear.  If they’re delivering…you’ll see it…and they deserve to be justly compensated for helping your business – and helping you win the day.