Marketers typically come to RSW/AgencySearch for one of a few reasons:

  1. They feel like their current marketing agency isn’t keeping them ahead of the curve.  The marketer wants to move forward, but the agency is stuck back in time.
  2. They’re a small fish in a big agency pond.  It sounded good and comfortable going with that big agency, but after the agency “wowed” you with their pitch, they dumped you on some “C” team that barely has enough time to treat you the way you should be treated.
  3. The marketer wakes up one day and realizes “hey, I’ve been bringing all these ideas to the agency for their POV…why aren’t they doing the same?”.

All three of these just pain me.  I was talking with an agency principal yesterday who said someone told her way back in the day that the first day of a new relationship with the marketer is also the first day that you’ll soon lose that marketing partner.  Not a good place to be for sure.

Agencies have to treat every day like it’s the first day of a relationship.  They have to be on it 110% every day, all the time.  There are just too many other options out there for marketers to turn to if they aren’t getting what they need.

It makes no difference how big or little the agency is or what sector they play in.  Adding value to their marketing client’s life can be an easy thing to do.  Here is a post from an agency client of ours on the RSW/US side of our business that does just that.  It provides expert perspective on a topic that some marketers might not be fully aware of – or may be something they could share with their clients to get them thinking about different ways they should be supporting their business.  Nice value-add.  It’s thoughtful and goes somewhat beyond the scope of what this agency is doing for all their clients.  And it didn’t take a lot of effort.

So, if your agency falls into one of the aforementioned buckets and you rarely see the kind of sharing of good thought leadership content the way Charlton Marketing did in their post, it might be worth a one-on-one with your agency to re-align expectations and get them more on track addressing the ever changing needs of your business and brand.

If you ever need help, we make it cost affordable for you, the marketer.  We charge you nothing to manage a search. We make our money by taking a small commission from the winning agency.  Call us (513-293-6785) or drop us a line ( Always happy to talk.