Just left the Mirren Business Development Conference in NYC – 300 Agencies from across the country.

Great energy, great insights, a lot of great talent.

During one of the breakout sessions there was some discussion about the value of Agency specialization.

While it was universally agreed that there is a lot of value in an Agency having a deep understanding of your category and your business, a lot of the agencies present at this conference were quick to suggest that….

Agencies that specialize in a particular type of work (digital territory in particular) may find it difficult to maintain their relevancy long-term.

With the digital space changing as rapidly as it is, it’s hard for any Agency specializing in a specific part of the digital ecosystem to maintain relevancy and a meaningful point of difference long-term.

We see it everyday.  Agencies that once were cutting edge in the social space or digital analytics space are no longer that well differentiated.  They hung their hat on the latest and greatest and now they are an also ran.

So what does this mean for you, the Marketer?

Means that as you look for new agencies, be smart about what you’re looking for.  Don’t get too roped in by sexy technology or a cool presentation.

If you’re looking for a new Agency, do it objectively.  Spell out your business objectives, and then have the Agency (regardless of type) spell out how they are going to address them.  You know your business.  If they can’t spell it out in a fashion that gives you confidence that they get it, move past the Agency.

New and hot is just that….new and hot.  It might get everyone excited for a short period of time, but it will do little for you business in the long run.