Do you manage most of your creative and marketing development internally?

Did you ever think that there might be a fresher perspective, a better, more objective view of your marketing world outside the four walls of your company?

While I’m sure your internal talent is solid, and you might be saving a few dollars, you have to ask yourself:

“Am I getting the best possible thinking and support for my business?”

I realize moving it all outside in one fell swoop can be disruptive, so consider looking outside for some project help from an agency expert in your space.

I recently had a B2B manufacturer come to us at RSW/AgencySearch with this thought top of mind.  Their business had been solid, yet it was beginning to show signs of slower growth.

This VP Marketing was the brains behind their last campaign 2-3 years ago, but it all seemed kind of flat now and he decided that it was time to look for some outside help.

He knew that making a wholesale change from all internal to all external would prove too dramatic, so he offered up the opportunity for a new agency to come in and create a new, more energizing campaign.

We have started that hunt for just that very firm.  If the winning agency plays it right, and delivers the way they should, they could very well  find themselves in a much stronger, longer-term position with this client.

So if you’re feeling a little “stale” and want to freshen up your outlook on marketing but don’t want to mess up your internal team, look to an agency or to a group like ours to help you find a group of agencies to consider for some help on a project levels basis…it could do your business proud!