FreeThis is a story that attempts to dispel the myth that “free” always means “cheap”.

I spent 10 years in packaged goods marketing and “free” was often something we tried to avoid.

It often cheapened or lessened the perceived value of our offering.  After all, we had a brand equity to uphold and putting ourselves in the same class as the “As Seen On TV” offers, wasn’t the best way to help.

I’m going to be a bit self-promotional here…but as I lead up to my visit to this year’s Masters of Marketing ANA Conference (which we are a sponsoring exhibitor), I feel a need to dispel the myth of “Free=Cheap”.

At RSW/AgencySearch, we help marketers find better agencies at no cost to them (free).  There is some “skin in the game”.  If they cancel, they have to pay a small fee, but fortunately that has never happened to us.

So you ask, “how can free, be good”?

Free can be good if the person on the other end legitimately wants to do well and has some inherent motivation to not only build up his brand equity by doing well, but is motivated by the fact that if he doesn’t do well and the client isn’t happy, he runs the risk of not making any money.  That’s quite the motivator!

That’s the case with RSW/AgencySearch.  We don’t make any money unless you select an agency you like.  And even then, the money doesn’t come out of your pocket, the small fee is paid by the winning agency.

There are some search firms out there that make ALL agencies involved, pay to play.  Bad practice!  Then my motivation would not be to get you to the best agency, but rather, get as many agencies involved as possible to make as much money as I can.

So free doesn’t ALWAYS mean cheap.

Ask Domain Chandon, Legrand, Labatt, Mercy Health, Drees Homes, GoToMeeting, Middle Atlantic, Stanley Black & Decker, Jack-in-the-Box, Nissan Leaf, Mainstream Energy, and Aspen Dental.

All searches managed successfully.

And all searches managed for free.

See you at the ANA October 3-6!