I married my wife 23 years ago.

At the time we decided to wait to have kids – believing that there would be a “right time” that would magically appear to us.

The bank account would be robust enough, the jobs would be in a good place, physically and mentally we’d be ready.  Strangely, that day never came…and I don’t think it still has come.

Fortunately we decided to not wait for that “right time” and now have three beautiful children who are growing faster than we can believe.

The right time is a time without definition

I’ve heard the same thing from marketers about their agency relationships.  Believing that the “right time” would come in either the form of a renaissance for their existing agency or the “right time” would present itself in the form of a major mess up by the existing agency – making it a lot easier for the marketer to part ways.

These “right times” never really come….you have to create it.

You have to force yourself to simply step up and do what’s right for you, your future family, or in the case of your business, what’s right for your company.

Don’t wait

So don’t wait for things to get better.  Don’t wait for the right time to make a switch.  If you feel you need a better firm and you’ve worked to try and make things better (and they aren’t), make the change now.