When was the last time you did any of the following for your business?

Assessed the relevance and meaningfulness of your brand’s proposition.

How well differentiated is it.  Does it hold the same value with your consumer today that it had years or decades ago?  When was the last time you brought in outside perspective to help you sort through a competitive review to determine just how unique your offering truly was.

Took an inventory of how consistently your brand or company is represented and internalized within your own organization.

Is everyone in management on the same page in terms of what the brand means to them?  Does sales lead with the same passion that you and your team have for your brand?  If you’re a service organization, embodying the brand consistently across all human touch points is critical.   Is everyone aligned?

Evaluated the performance of your marketing programs.

Are you a “test and learn” type of an organization?  Does your agency think in these terms?  Are they always pushing to optimize plans and initiatives or so they create your brand programs and sit back and wait for the next planning season?

When was the last time

Looked at tools and platforms to enhance the manner in which you market your business.

When was the last time you attended a conference to learn about what’s going on in your industry?  Or how often do you find the time to read industry publications or value-added thought leadership pieces published on the web?  Is your agency bringing you new ideas to help move your business forward?

So when was the last time any of these things happened?

We all get caught up in the things that are going to get us to the end of the day, but far too often, never make the time to step back, look at the big picture, and do what’s really best for the business and the brand.

If you’re not doing it, take some time to make it happen.

If your agency isn’t doing it, might be time to explore a new firm.