Ever looked at a marketing agency website and try to determine what their positioning is?

I just left a marketing agency conference in Nashville (quite the exciting town!).  Topic was agency positioning.

One of the things David Baker, the consultant who put on the conference suggested was to stand back 20 feet from your home page.


“If you can’t tell what your agency’s positioning is, standing 20 feet away, you haven’t done a good job defining your positioning.”

I think same holds true for you marketers, too.

When I first started the outsourced agency new business side of our business, I’ll never forget presenting at a small agency conference and asking each of the agencies to write down their elevator speech.

14 of the 15 agencies at that conference basically said the same thing (i.e. strategic, hard working, easy to work with, smart).

I argue that if an agency can’t effectively define their own positioning, how can they do it for you.  Agencies should either be vertically focused (sector specific), horizontally focused (expert at a certain thing that can cut across categories, or a little of both.


Just like the agency that pushes the importance of content, but has none of it on their site – or has stuff that’s 3 years old – so is true of an agency’s positioning.

If they can’t get it right for themselves, how are they going to o effectively find the right place for you and your brand to play in.

So, if you feel like your brand needs some positioning work and you look at your agency’s site and you’re just not seeing it (even 5 feet away), give us a call and we can help you find a better (and better positioned) firm.

Just drop us a line:  msneider@rswagencysearch.com