Spoke with a brand new client the other day who shared with me his feelings about our claim of “no cost”.

He said, “I have to admit, the ‘no cost/high value’ claim felt a little suspect to me.”

He went on to say, “I have to assume that even though the agency is paying the fee to you and we pay nothing, I’m sure the agency will bill us back to recoup their fees.”



While I have no way to prove this doesn’t happen, I can tell you that no marketer has ever complained in the 8 years we have had the business.  No marketer has ever felt like they were getting charged back.

I can also point to 35 happy marketing clients that found great agencies as a result of our search methodology.


Like most of the marketers that come to us to help them find new agencies, they:

  • Have tried to manage a search on their own and haven’t done so successfully
  • Have large number of agencies reaching out to them and don’t have the time to review them
  • Don’t know if what they’re looking at is best-in-class to meet the needs of their business
  • Don’t want to pay for a big time traditional search consultant

So I realize that great things are never really free.

But in the case of my company, RSW/AgencySearch,  the cost to you is only your time (and only a little of it).

The value in “high value” far out surpasses any cost (if there really were any that existed).

Using our professional methodology and unique-to-the-industry model, delivers a great agency partner, improved business results, and a happy, long-term relationship.

Many of the relationships we initiated back in 2010 when I started the business are still running strong today.

So while “No Cost/High Value” might appear a bit suspect on the surface, we have plenty of marketers that would happily speak on behalf of what we do to assure you that getting involved in our process is high on the value and negligent on the cost.

Here’s to finding great marketing agency partners in 2018!!

Call me if you’re interested in starting a conversation:  msneider@rswagencysearch.com