In February we invited a number of marketing clients who had used RSW/AgencySearch (to find better agencies), to a virtual conference to talk about their experience working with our firm.

We also explored a variety of other topics relative to these marketing clients’ relationship with their agencies.  We discussed the challenges they have and will continue to face due to the pandemic, and the opportunities in front of them.

In this panel discussion, two of those marketers, Jon Romanow, Director of Marketing at Quest Consumer Products, and Michael Dorington, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at AMAROK talk about their experience using RSW/AgencySearch and why they selected their agency and why they still remain exceptional partners for their respective brands.

Click on the image below to watch this short, but interesting video: 

Finding new agencies is no easy task…even when you can get tons of calls and emails from agencies looking to win you over.  That can only make the process more confusing.

At RSW/AgencySearch we make the process simple…just like we did for Jon and Michael, and just like we’ve done for close to 50 marketers since the start of the firm back in 2010.

We’ve mostly help marketers without the big budgets find agencies that are fine working with marketers without huge budgets.

We made it easy for Jon and Michael (and all the others) by not charging them anything to manage the search.  The winning agency paid us a small fee.

Happy marketing clients is our goal.  Jon has used us a couple of times over his career to find new agencies.  This was our first time working with Michael.

We would welcome the chance to help you out as well if you’re looking for a new marketing agency partner to support your business or your brand.

Give us a call (513-559-3101) or drop me a line

Or give Jon and Michael a call…I’m sure they’d speak well of us.