Your marketing group is designed and structured for maximum performance.


So should the design and structure of the marketing firms that support it too.

There are lots of ways you can set up your portfolio of marketing support services.

There is no one perfect way. Depends a lot on your business, your staff, and your available time to manage resources.

I was recently talking with the Global Procurement Director from one of the top Consumer Packaged Goods companies in the country and believe it or not, they need some help.

They have their great stable of top shelf networked agencies that help guide the development of the brand’s positioning and the essence of what the brand is.  They help set strategy along side the client to insure that it’s always moving in the best, most optimized direction.

But they still need help.  They don’t have the time to manage searches on their own.

They know the bigger agencies, but there’s a world of excellent independent shops out there that can be of great value to them – and they don’t know where to start.

Can't Find

They need help because the big networked agencies either can’t (or don’t want to) do some of the work that the brand needs to thrive.

Might be video work that’s simply too small a project to handle, or some kind of specialty work, like AI, that they don’t have the expertise in to support the clients needs.

So…say hello to smaller, independent specialty shops!

This is how they see us potentially helping them.

Plugging in specialty agencies into your world of in-house support or your world of managing a lead agency can bring numerous benefits to your brand and business:

  • Fresh thinking
  • New ideas
  • Expertise unmatched in the industry
  • Great flexibility to react to changes in the marketplace
  • Hands on support from more seasoned leadership

While there is no one best way to set up your marketing support system, I believe dropping firms into the mix of your in-house group or your lead agency can be inspiring, energizing, and highly beneficial in helping your brand move ahead.

If you need help finding a specialty firm, feel free to give us a call or drop us a line.